Our commitment to our customer service and satisfaction is what drives Arena and is consistent at every level of the company. We strive to maintain quality and keep our customers’ projects on time using all resources available.

Safety is our top priority. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) falls well below the industry standard.

Resinous Flooring Systems

Arena works with many of the major coating manufactures when specifying high performance floor systems. Whether in a new construction application or a renovation project the proper preparation and application of floor finishes is vital to the appearance and longevity of the flooring system. Arena is skilled in surface preparation and application techniques, we have the knowledge and equipment to guarantee the proper surface preparation for your application including quality control and safety.

Structural Maintenance

Arena has years of experience in preventive and restorative maintenance. We study each structural surface to ensure the correct procedures, products and equipment used in restoring the surface, without ever sacrificing structural integrity or surface appearance. Our attention to detail and in depth understanding of various application requirements allows us to apply paints and coating to exteriors for all type of structures and a large range of projects.

General Painting Services

Our close working relationships with facility managers and project managers ensure that every detail is handled to the highest standards. Our operational systems assure you get the right manpower on your job when you need them: day, night, weekends.